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    Change Drag Proxy Image during drag operation




      I am developing an application in which when I start the Drag operation using the


      DragManager.doDrag(dragInitiator, ds, event,

                                                                            imageProxy, 0, 0,1.00);

      , I assign imageProxy as a new image to be the drag image - setting its style in the MouseEvent handler that initiates this drag operation.

      Where dragInitiator is a draggable container.


      In my implementation I need the imageProxy to change its source i.e. whenever I have my drag object over certain container which has dragEnter listener to facilitate drag,

      the proxy image should re-size itself and change its source. This change in proxy image should be done without cancel/completing the drag operation.


      As far as the online browse goes all I can find is that one cannot change the drag proxy image after the drag operation is started and can only cancel the current drag and initiate a new one

      with the required new image proxy.


      Note: this is a drog-n-drag for the non-list based control