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    CSS issues....get Javascript error on click event


      Trying to finish up this navbar. Got it where my navigation works pretty much great. However, the code I expected to work when I fire a click event on the logo (represnted currently by a gray circle) causes a 'Javascript error in event handler! Event Type = element' error instead. Not sure why. I know I had an issue with one of my button references (spelling issue) but beyond that, everything seems to be in order.


      This is the code I'm using. The first five lines work right. The second series does not.


      sym.getSymbol("btnVision").$("back").css({opacity: 0})

      sym.getSymbol("btnIndustires").$("back").css({opacity: 1})

      sym.getSymbol("btnResp").$("back").css({opacity: 1})

      sym.getSymbol("btnCommunity").$("back").css({opacity: 1})

      sym.getSymbol("btnDiscovery").$("back").css({opacity: 1})


      var stage = sym.getComposition().getStage()

      stage.$("navVision").css({top: 65});

      stage.$("navIndustries").css({top: 65});

      stage.$("navResp").css({top: 65});

      stage.$("navCommunity").css({top: 65});

      stage.$("navDiscovery").css({top: 65});


      I should mentioned I tried sym.getSymbol for the bottom entries but that simply produced the same exact error. Sign.


      Anyone know what might be causing this? It doesn't seem to make sense to me. Here's the files.