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    Which product to purchase (cross platform necessary from Mac to PC) Adobe Photoshop 6.0.x to ???


      I have ancient Mac photoshop and pagemaker files. i need best cross platform product for windows that can access these files. adobe photoshop is my primary concern. I understand the indesign cs2 will import old school mac photoshop 6.0.x but is not compatible with windows 7 ... thank you.

      In particular we use windows 7 x64



      So in summary, need to determine which Windows 7 x64 version of Indesign CSxx will still open archaic Mac Adobe files (layouts, EPS, etc).  Or is there a similar product that must be obtained.  I prefer to stick to Adobe products, however, if I must go elsewhere and you can help -- please advise. 


      Also, if you know what I should obtain, does this product have a trial download option that I can test functionality before purchase?  Warranty when I do buy information -- and return policy in general?


      Many thanks.