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    PageMaker 6.5 set default PostScript printer for PDF export


      My boss uses PageMaker 6.5 and it appears when she uses the Export to PDF option it is selecting a PostScript printer at random and asking it to "print to file" to create the PostScript file that it later gives to Distiller to create the PDF.  The problem is, she has a "virtual PDF print driver" installed that is not unlike the Adobe PDF printer driver, except it either doesn't support "print to file" or maybe just doesn't like something about the way PageMaker is using it.  It works great from other apps, but not PageMaker.  Anyway, is there a way to force PageMaker to use a specific PS printer for this, instead of picking the first one it finds?  I thought it might be alphabetical order based on driver or printer name, or port name, but I've tried changing all of those, and no luck.  I did install a new PS printer, and that worked for a bit (so I assumed it was using the most recent printer installed), but now it is selecting the virtual one again, and not working... not sure why.


      If she sets the default printer to Adobe PDF Printer (she has Acrobat 9), it uses that one, and everything works fine.  She doesn't want to use that for her default printer though, and the printer she wants as her default isn't a PostScript printer, so PM doesn't try to use it.


      Maybe a registry setting or something?  Or someone that can confirm the order that PageMaker looks for a printer to use, so that I can maybe trick it in to using a specific one?