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    Multi Line LinkButton and focusBlendMode question

      Hi there,
      Could anyone help me please? I think this should be easy but I do not understand how to do the following.

      1. I would like to have in a hbox with a repeater add link buttons but if the link button text is too big the link buttons should wrap to the next line. So if I have three link buttons with the texts
      1. abcd efg
      2. hijklm nop
      3. qrstu vwxyz

      And if I would like to show then in a small hbox I would like to see:

      With the same mouseover stuff as we are used to.

      2. Another thing that is something I do not understand
      screen background color is black
      linkbutton text is white (with an alpha of 0.5 so actually middle gray)
      vertical gap between them is 0.
      the fontsize is set to 72 (so really big).

      What settings of focusBlendMode or focusThikness do you need to set if you don''t want to see the boxed shape redraw area (partially covering the other link button text) and only see a change in the textRollovercolor?

      Any pointer would really help.