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    possible to paint on a shape Layer?

    Netcommercial Level 1

      Hi All,

      Question, about painting on a shape layer...Can this be done? I know I can paint on a solid as I tried all diff combo's and found it will paint on a Solid but I cannot get my paint to paint on a shape.

      Is there a way or work around to acheive this? I am using a Shape instead of a SOLID Layer to access the Extrude value BTW. i have tried to use the >ADD >Stroke in T.L to cheat that way. Yet I am not getting a second stroke to appear to draw one on. I can however get the stroke to appear around the Fill of the Shape, yet that is not the area I would like the stroke.

      A Pic for clarity, as it always sounds so clear when typing it out, it is another thing to be on the recieving end and trying to Cipher

      Thanks for help on this or a work around.