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    Motion Tracking - Multiple Objects


      So I am new altogether to After Effects. So I have 3 face's that I am tracking in a 2 minute video. There are various shots with a variety of new faces I will need to use. I understand how to motion track but what I'm having trouble with is the amount of tracks I'm allowed. Right now, it seems to tap out at 5 motion tracks. I thought of just exporting an uncompressed video but going back over and over again... I have to think there is a better way.


      Any guidance would be great.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          No need to render out multiple copies of your video, just track one thing at a time or use duplicate layers of your footage. You can add as many trackers as you like, just make another tracking pass. Track one object first, then track another, then track another. It will be easier to see and adjust tracks if necessary.


          This applies to AE's motion tracker and Mocha and any other tracker i've ever used.


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