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    Permissions in InDesign CS6


      We are now using a Mountain Lion server after a major breakdown of our SL server and all permissions are showing the files are at read write.

      Working on the Network we create a file in InDesign CS6 and save the file, all opens correctly after saving.

      We then create another file for say imposition and place the original file into the imposition file, the minute that file is saved then the original file becomes a (read only) file.

      We can work around by doing all work on the desktop and then saving the folder onto the Network, or we can quit InDesign and reopen the original file and until the imposition file is saved the original is workable, or we can save the original (read only) file onto the desktop and then drag it onto the Network and replace and it remains workable until linked to the imposition file.

      Why does this happen and how can I fix it so the original remains as a workable file and doesn't change to read only.