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    sound position and duration

    cfortin14 Level 1
      The sounds come from an array, when I click on the sound icon a new mp3 is loaded, that part works. The problem is with the txtPlayTime.text, when I load a new mp3 soundPlayingTime does not initialize from 00:00 but continues counting and the content of the text field txtPlayTime.text bliks from 00:00 / 00:00 to the current value every time the interval refreshes.

      I tried all kind of things but I cannot make it work properly. Any help will be appreciated.

      Thank you in advanced,

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          niki tsanov
          So i have the same problem and i decide when i setInterval into the object.onLoad=function so try with this

          sound_interval = setInterval(updateSoundProgress, 100, s);
          and put command into your buttons
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            cfortin14 Level 1
            This is the final working code, thank you niki!
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              niki tsanov Level 1
              U welcome.
              I have question are you upload ur project into server and test it? Because when i write my player i was problem in onLoad=function(success) i mean user open the site and sound play but after the sound loaded that mean if(success) i put like you s.stop() s.start(0) the current sound stop and begin from 0 , it dousent continue from the current position i decide with s.start(s.position/1000).I offer u to test your player into some server :)