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    Lost in Revel Migration?


      I have Photoshop Elements 8 and a free account.  I had ALOT of photos loaded into Elements 8 and did not get the notice via e-mail of Revel migration. Unfortunately I lost my operating system and had to reload everything....I was under the impression my photos were saved to Photoshop.com via my login at the start-up page when I added photos and had them watched I was under the impression they were backed-up....Well long story short I upgraded to Elelments 11 to try and retreive my lost photos. My Adobe account login works and when I accessed the revel page it only shows 92 photos which I've already downloaded into the new Elelments 11. The revel page shows Steve's Library but only 92 pictures are showing and 808989494 assets. When I click the get more it gives me an error of There was an error contacting the server check your internet connection.  What can I do to get my pictures back?




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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          If you had photos saved in the cloud at photoshop.com and did not opt out, all of the jpg files should have migrated to revel. I see that you have 92 photos in your revel account. The large number of assets that Elements 11 shows is a display bug.


          If you expected to see more files, it is likely because of one of these reasons

          - you did not have your photohshop.com fully synced with Elements before the migration

          - you had files in photoshop.com that were not jpg

          - you logged in using a different email account


          After the notices went out in February,files were migrated, but  files were kept at Photoshop.com until the end of August when the sharing and storage component was shut down. Several emails went out to users explaining what was happening and suggesting they use our media downloader to archive all their files. The emails were sent to the address their accounts use to login. Unfortunately I no longer have access to the files since all accounts have now been deleted.