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    Drop Accept error

    gcgCui Level 1

      Hi I´m having an strange error I can´t understand with my drop accept.  I explain it :


      - I have various scenes and in one of them a symbol i need to drag but this symbol must be draggable only if I click on a determinated position. I do this with a trigger and use this function at my stage.



      sym.getSymbol("_escena5").getSymbol('_filtroEscena5').$('Ellipse').mou sedown(function(){




      Ok it works perfect I can drag my symbol only if I touch this trigger.


      Then I need my droppable object responds to the same trigger so I use this:



                          accept:sym.getSymbol("_escena5").getSymbol('_filtroEscena5' ).$('Ellipse'),

                          drop: function () {alert('Dropeo');}});


      But my dropable object does not responds. The curious thing is that if I use other object to the accept or just the "_filtroEscena5" where my Trigger is it´s works perfect. But it can responds to my Trigger. Any idea?


      Thanks so much