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    update didn't change splash screen etc.?

    Kar209 Level 1



      i have two laptops that i've downloaded the CC to and one has Windows 7 the other Windows 8.


      i installed the CC on my newer W8 laptop a couple months ago and noticed that the Splash screens are different for Ps & Ia than the ones on my older Win 7 laptop.


      i've also noticed there are some new things in Ps on my newer computer like the ability to Sync Preferences, more Fonts and the Properties panel has some new cool features but no matter how many updates that come for Ps on my older Windows 7 computer it doesn't have the newer features.


      does anyone know what's up? must i uninstall Ps & Ia to get these cool new features on my older computer too? if so, wouldn't  i would lose all my plugins, styles, custom shapes etc. etc.?


      has anyone else noticed this?


      i would just really like to have all the new features on my new pc.


      thanx for your help!