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    Scalable Content and Text

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      since cp6 you can export content as "scalable", which is good. Now I need to export in non-scalable, ie in a fixed size. This is necessary, since text will read better in non-scalable. So far I have just used the swf files generated (not the htm). If I do this, not having market the "scalable" function, the output is still scalable, and the text is not so good to read. Is this now a default, that cp6 always produces scalable content? Only if you use the htm function the content will be fixed? (the htm file "tells" the browser to fix the window)


      More general: What is the best way to export, so text (fine print) will show in an optimized way?


      Thank you

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to use the extra HTM and JS files that Captivate normally outputs, that's all.  The display size of the SWF is specified inside the code of the HTM file.


          If you're trying to output a user printable document that shows something about each slide, the Print > Handouts output is probably your best bet.