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    publishing question

      hi there.
      how do i get my published file to work on both pc and mac? is there a way of doing this and only creating one file?

      many thanks,
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          No, that is not possible. Macs do not know how to run .exe files, and
          PCs do not know how to run Mac exectuable binaries. You can not have a
          single file that runs on both.

          The exception is that you can publish some Director movies as a dcr
          (shockwave) and use it in a web browser. In that case, it will be cross
          platform and will run on anyone's browser that has the shockwave plugin.

          But if you need a standalone executable, you will have to have one for
          Mac and another for PC. If you are using Director MX 2004, then you can
          simply check the appropriate boxes in the publish settings to make both
          projectors regardless of your authoring operating system.

          There are a few caveats to cross-platform development, so you should
          read up on what the help file has to say about it... most of the
          important information can be found there.
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            I want to know how I can play director .dcr file requesting from another .dcr file in web browser. dswmedia folder with absolute paths doesn't work for me.