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    bookContents.add 'at' argument

    Matt 65bit

      Hi There,


      I am using the bookContents.add function and I am trying to use the 'at' argument. I set this to the value 0 which I would expect to be the start of a book considering -1 the default value would add it to the end of the book however it adds the document after the first document in the book. WHY?


      newBook.bookContents.add(File(outputLocation + saveName + ".indd"), 0);




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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Matt – if you want to add a file to the beginning of the bookContents collection, first add it to the list and then move it to the beginning:


          //Adding the active document at the beginning of the listed Indesign files of a book file:
          var d=app.activeDocument;
          var b= app.books[0];
          //Add the active document to the end of the list:
          //Move it before the first item of the collection:




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            Matt 65bit Level 1

            Hi Laubender,


            Thanks for this! Worked like a treat