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    Over sensitive double clicking (I think!)

    Dan Jacobsen Level 1

      Sorry guys, this isn't exactly AE but I though you might know what's going on.


      This is a recent thing after we changed the user on the PC that we're running CS5 on.


      Often when I click on say, a PreComp layer in a Comp it will bring that PreComp's timeline up rather than simply select it.


      Also there are other cases like when I'm selecting characters in text it seems overly eager to select the whole word rather than a group of characters.


      It's very frustrating, I can't put my finger on it but it doesn't feel right, I have to keep corrected my selections.


      I thought it was just over sensitive, then I thought it was that the double click was too sensitive.


      This is with a Wacom tablet. There are many parameters to tweak like:


      Tilt sensitivity


      Tip feel


      Double click distance




      Click threashold


      Obviously I have tried messing around with these, but when you're being deliberate about testing the pen all is well. It's just when I relax and start to work faster it starts happening.


      Has anyone had this and found suitable settings?