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    Multicamera questions

    dkaplowitz Level 1

      hi there -

      i've been using Premiere about 18 months now but only just getting into multicamera stuff and need a little help.


      a couple questions


      1. when i double click on my multiclip in my sequence, it comes up with the 3 camera angles in the Source window, fine. But when I play back in the timeline, the 3 cameras in the source window don't follow that playback, even if I've selected gang program and source. In my program window, I can set that to multicamera and all of it then shows up in that window but then I essentially need to lost the source window. What am I missing here?


      2. audio - it seems that cutting between camera angles by default cuts between the audio for each camera. how do I avoid this? I have one camera I want to discard the audio for, one which contains one channel I need, a wireless mic, and then the stereo music mix which was fed to the 3rd camera. I've dropped in the music track on 2 other tracks below so that's there as a bed, and I guess I could do the same for the wireless mic track but just wondering if there's an easier way here.


      3. addendum - when I take a section of my multicamera clip which is sitting at the end of the timeline and put it in the middle of some interview footage, I get a black Program window - no video at all, but audio, and I can't apply multicamera edits on the fly. this is ONLY if the multicamera clip sits on track 2 or above. if it's on track 1, then it acts as one would expect. When it's at the end of the timeline, it functions normally as a multicam clip. I can still bring it up in the Source window but as stated in 1above, the Source window multcamera angles do not follow my Program window playback so that's unusable. 


      any ideas here?

      thanks in advance