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    Beta and AdvancedDataGrid

      We're using the FB3 beta (obviously) and building a product that, for some things, is using the AdvancedDataGrid. I guess the AdvancedDataGrid component falls under the "Professional" version of flex that will be selling when it leaves beta. I get a "Flex Data Visualization Trial" message plastered on the background of the AdvancedDataGrid.

      The public beta of the project we're working on launches in a couple weeks, which is before FB3 leaves beta. We intend to buy FB3 Professional when it launches, but that doesn't seem to help us now.

      We need to do one of the following:
      Somehow get a temporary code or SOMETHING (if such a thing exists) that will disable this message for now
      Can we pre-purchase and get professional codes now even though it's only in beta?

      Basically we can't launch a product, even in beta, with this message stuck all over it. Thanks for any help you can give.