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    auto fill form from web page content


      I need to fill a field in a PDF form (version 8 or newer) with a value provided by a web page.  The webpage is a counter to provide a unique, sequetial number.


      I have been able to do this with Get() when using FormCalc, however I need more logic control than is provided in FormCalc.


      I have attempted to implement the logic with JavaScript and getURL. When I open the form the JavaScript Console indicates: "TypeError: xfa.host.getURL is not a function"


      Here is my code with some console diagnostics included:

      console.println("formEmailed = " + xfa.form.topmostSubform.formEmailed.value);

      if( xfa.form.topmostSubform.formEmailed.value == 1) {

        console.println("assignedTR = " + xfa.form.topmostSubform.assignedTR.value);

        if( !xfa.form.topmostSubform.assignedTR.value == 0){

          console.println("Getting URL...");

          xfa.host.getURL("http://somehost.com/index.html", true); //Get( "http://somehost.com/index.html");

          console.println("Field value = " + this.rawValue);

         // Verify a value actually got assigned

          if( this.rawValue.length > 0)

            xfa.form.topmostSubform.assignedTR.value = 1;

        } else {

          console.println("Not getting URL");




      Note: formEmailed and assignedTR are global variables.  The code is associated with the DocReady event.


      I have been unable to locate any examples of filling a field in a from from a webpage.


      Ultimately, I want the value from the webpage assigned to this.rawValue so that the value becomes part of the data in the form.