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    Style issue in InDesign CC

    Katie Houghton Adobe Community Professional

      Has anyone had a problem with Font Familes within InDesgn CC?  inDesign is not working well at all. No matter what my style is set up to, it ends up reading as Times New Roman. I reset my preferences and started a new file.


      I do now know what the issue is. In the Preferences under Clipboard Handling> When Pasting Text and Tables from Other Applications Paste: if you have it set to All information (Index Markers, Swatches, Styles, etc) you will have a problem. I had to cut it back out of InDesign put it into a Text Editor then make it Plain Text, then cut it back out of Text editor and paste it back into InDesign. Strange since word was using a style and it was not set to Times New Roman. Or just keep it set to Text Only to begin with since that is the default.


      Sometimes my clients start things in Word and some things I want to cut and paste over and keep the styles intact but no cutting and pasting with styles.


      So bottomline you can bring the styles in by using File>Place, that works fine.  Just no cutting and pasting styles into inDesign. Keep your Clipboard Handling as the default which is Text Only.


      This was the same issue in CS6 just still an issue in CC.