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    E-mailing Revel albums to non-Revel account recipients


      The FAQ and Pattie F's answer to another user's question about sharing albums state that to share an album with a non-Revel account holder, all that is required is to send the album link to the user and the user will then be able to click on the link and see the album.  What actually happens is that the user is asked to sign in through a linked account - Revel, Facebook, or Google.  The user cannot apparently simply click on the album link and view the photos.  If this in fact is required, the FAQ is inaccurate and misleading and the sharing function is much more restrictive than photshop.com where any e-mail recipient could view albums without having to sign in through any linked account.  Please clarify.  Thanks.  

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          DaveinNC Level 1

          I've tested it a few times, and it appears to work as advertised.  I wonder if the lengthy URL string got corrupted somehow in your case; with this new scheme of Adobe (copying lengthly strings to e-mails), wouldn't be a hard thing to do.  The Revel URL is in the first part of the lengthy string, and so I can see user getting diverted to the base URL -- where of course one does have to sign in.


          As I posted in a reply earlier this year...


          On a slide note, I tried the method of sharing an album on PC as described in the Adobe FAQ, and it worked pretty well. Two minor things I'd add: (1) You have to first click the URL field before the copy, and (2) the URL includes two non-functional characters at the end (#!) that can be deleted from the e-mail.


          Just be sure you don't accidently change anything else in the string.

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            Pattie F Employee Moderator

            How to share in Revel: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5677245#5677245


            I updated this FAQ with more specific details for cutting and pasting the album link. I hope it is more clear now.


            Some users accidentally paste the url from their view when logged into adoberevel.com (which will ask for a login) instead of viewing the album as others would (which will not ask for a login).