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    flex builder 3 bin-debug insert cvs

      Why i cannot bin-debug directory of flex builder 3 beta 3 insert cvs ?

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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee
          You're trying to check in your bin-debug directory into CVS source control?

          Since bin-debug is your output folder, it is marked in Eclipse as a "derived" resource. These resources are typically ignored by source control because they can be derived entirely from the source code that *is* under source control. Thus it would be redundant to place it under CVS, and it would add overhead since any code change will also change bin-debug's contents.

          So I would highly recommend leaving it out of CVS for this reason. But if you really have a need to manage it under source control, you should be able to do so using a CVS client outside of Eclipse (the command line, WinCvs, etc.).

          - Peter