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    Pyment problem & render question

    AdobeChick Level 1

      Hello all, wondering if anyone can help with how on this crazy planet does a person pay for CC/CS6 on subscription only to get a few days later this message? I'm paying near £50 per month for this. Sorry but if the billing cannot stay in sync with the software and the cloud then what hope is there for the software actually doing the work needed? I was told on the phone that it auto synced hmmm, could anyone tell me as well why under render does it not have 'render' has we know it to be. please  see photos below and photo 2 below....






      Has you can see it has 'Render' but nothing to actually render the whole graphics, or designwork just these basic options which those of us who know and been with Adobe for many years will know this is not rendering at its best no where near! Sorry



      Anyone got any answers please


      Thank you