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    Lightroom - Creative Cloud

    ltjd Level 1

      I just subscribed to Creative Cloud - Photographer Plan. I installed Photoshop CC to replace my previously purchased CS5.  I also have  Lightroom 5.2 on my computer that I purchased previously. My question is this: while current Lightroom is interacting with Photoshop CC with no issues, would it be best if I install Lightroom from the Cloud?  I'm thinking doing that would assure me getting updates as they are made.

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          Romsinha Adobe Employee

          Hi ltjd,

          Lightroom updates are not regular updates but is a complete setup installer. That is the reason it not showing as CC update. For Lightroom you need to go to help and update as it will download not only the updates but the complete setup for 5.2 .



          Romit Sinha

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            Thilo1212 Level 1

            Again, you are missing the point Romit Sinha. Please read about all the complaints and answer proberly!

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              Romsinha Adobe Employee

              Hi Thilo1212,

              The updates of Lightroom presently do not show up in CC desktop but comes up seperately. So there is no need to uninstall Lightroom because it will show version 5 in CC desktop even if you update to 5.2. So I would suggest you not to uninstall but update within the help from the program as Lightroom updates do not show up in CC desktop but user is notified by a prompt(update) as you launch the software.



              Romit SInha

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                jlua001 Level 1

                Romsinha:  What you are saying is opposite to other threads in this Forums, where they recommend to uninstall the previously installed LR 5.2.  The reason being that if one does what you suggest (i.e. install on top of existing LR), one would end up with two installed copies of Lightroom, each one with its own license number, since CC generates a new license number for the CC-installed Lightroom.  Please have all the Adobe staff get together and agree on a strategy and common recommendations to your customers.  You are all confusing us, giving confusing and contradictory recommendations depending where we look, or to whom we listen.

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                  tompagenet Level 1

                  It makes no sense for the Creative Cloud application to show Lightroom as "Up to date" (as it does for me) if it is not up to date. There's no two ways about this - the CC application is just confusing. It is either the place to update apps or it is not; there should not be multiple methods across multiple applications or Adobe is going back to the bad old days of flash updaters, adobe reader updaters, photoshop updaters and so on.

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                    jamesC4S Level 1

                    This is absolutely ridiculous.


                    There is no reason the update should not be showing up in the installer.  Fix that bug.  Do not suggest a "work around".


                    The whole point of the creative cloud installer is so that users don't have manage in-app updates.

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                      Thilo1212 Level 1

                      it is indeed absolutelly unacceptable that nobody of Adobe (who has a clue) answers.I thought with CC the installation mess would be gone...

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                        Romsinha Adobe Employee

                        Hi All,

                        I am sorry for the inconvenience you have been facing. The team is already aware of this behaviour and working on it. We will update you once the functionality is available.



                        Romit Sinha

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                          Thilo1212 Level 1

                          Thank you Romit. This is really a good news. Open, honest. Like we deserve it.


                          Any clue on the timeline?

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                            jamesC4S Level 1

                            Thilo1212 wrote:


                            Thank you Romit. This is really a good news. Open, honest. Like we deserve it.

                            Unfortuantely, as with every other CC issue I have run into, this is not the case.  The Adobe staff are quick to say "we are working on it" but will never give a timeline (or, apparently, fix the issue). 


                            I guess it is better to keep charging our accounts than say "it'll be 3-4 months before we fix that really simply bug."

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                              Thilo1212 Level 1

                              JamesC4S, I hope you are wrong yet fear I am... Romit, it is your call to re-establish trust in Adobe. Go for it and proof us wrong!!

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                                S. Schneider

                                3 months later and still no fix? guys please do something about it.

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                                  Updates on this issue?!


                                  What is the recommended process to update to Lightroom 5.2 for CC subscribers? (and avoiding two instances of LR or issues with licensing)

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                                    Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                                    Strategery you will want to continue to apply the update using the update mechanism within Lightroom 5 or going to the update pages directly to download the current update.

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                                      Strategery Level 1

                                      Jeff, thanks for the info. I did update from the Lightroom provided update link (the big download, not the typically smaller updated coming from CC). Looks like previous shortcut to LR got invalidated so I assume the update installed LR at a new location and deleted the older one...


                                      In any case, I now have latest LR running and it seems to be the single copy of the app (shortcut I had before in my Windows 8 taskbar no longer worked and I created a new one).


                                      A bit of hassle but at least all is good now.

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                                        Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                                        Yes Strategery Lightroom is utilizing different technology to provide the updates.  This is why the experience is different than from the majority of the applications included with the Creative Cloud membership.  The feedback has most certainly been passed on though and we are continuing to evaluate making changes in the future on how updates are made available for Photoshop Lightroom.

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                                          Jay Mitchosky Level 1

                                          Is there an update to this problem?  I had the same issue in v5.2 going to v5.3.  Guessing 5.4 is on the doorstep (mistakenly thought it already was but only appears to be for ACR 8.4) and hoping the availability of the updatewill be recognized.


                                          As for the previous instance where I added the CC app to a fresh, cleaner than clean install on a new PCIe card and from scratch Mavericks.  Despite there being no other instance of LR at the time (or ever) on this card the CC app still said "up to date".  There was no LR at all on my system.  What ended up working was my having a previous for reals copy of LR 5.2 I had previously downloaded and kept.  I manually installed that and CC ultimately recognized I was out of date.  So if you can get an older copy of LR keep it handy.

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                                            When I try to upgrade to LR 5.7 from within the app it loads a webpage which says "To update to the latest version of Lightroom for use with your Creative Cloud membership, please quit Lightroom, launch the Creative Cloud app, and click the “Install” button next to Lightroom 5.


                                            There is no install button next to LR 5 in the Creative Cloud app, it says LR is up to date.


                                            So how the hell am I supposed to update?


                                            What a ridiculous situation.

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                                              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                                              Moog5 which operating system are you using?  If you quit and reopen the Creative Cloud Desktop application are you then given the option to "Install" Photoshop Lightroom 5.7?

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                                                moog5 Level 1

                                                mac os x 10.10.1

                                                i found a direct download link and have used that instead. Quitting the cc desktop app makes no difference.


                                                why doesn't Adobe just update its apps through the Sparkle framework like so many other devs instead of using this convoluted system that doesn't work? I seem to spend more time troubleshooting Adobe products than I do getting any use out of them.

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                                                  Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                                                  Thank you for the feedback Moog5.  Different Adobe software titles have historically utilized different methods to update the applications.  We are continuing to move towards a unified update system for all Adobe Creative software titles.