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    Photoshop-When opening image without tab view, image opens with only a portion in view

    Chadwick Tyler

      I having an issue with CC.

      When electing in the preferences to not open image in Tabs. The images open with only about 25% of the image area showing. Forcing me to (command) 0 for full to screen preview or (command) +/- to see the image.


      I am not talking about seeing the image at 100% resolution just the entire image within the floating window without having to command before view.



      Sidenote: Adobe Customer Service is all based in India. I spent 4 hours on the phone only to hear that this is that way photoshop works.


      There would be no logical explanation for this. Since the first version of Photoshop this has not been the case.


      I think this should be called view porn with wife in the room mode. Other than that I see no point.



      Can anyone help?



      Chadwick Tyler