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    media offline / file import failure

    commonguy101 Level 1



      I have my project created in Premiere CS6. Now i updated to CC.

      In my project, i imported a really short AE file into my Pr timeline. The whole vidieo worked fine.

      Now I just noticed that media (AE file) was reported media offline in Premiere CC.


      OK, I tried to locate the media from the folder where i keep the file.

      Can locate the file but hitting "ok" button won't let me select the file.


      Ok, I treid to rename the AE file. Imported the file in Pr, but Pr says file import failure.


      Anyone come across this problem.

      Not sure if this's because of version CC. My AE file is there. Nothing has changed.

      Just don't know why I can't relocate and import the file.