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    Need a laptop for video and have no direction...please help!




      My name is Bryan Troxell and I just started film school this week. After attending my first editing classes I learned that we would be using Adobe Premiere Pro as our editing program of choice. This opened my options for purchasing a laptop as I had previously narrowed my search to Apple based laptops. Now I have the dilemma of trying to find a portable workstation for video editing that will last me through school and beyond. I am open to windows and apple devices and I have a price range of about $2000 including tax. I live in Washington so really my purchase needs to be around 1800 or lower for me to remain within my budget. The reason I need a laptop as opposed to a desktop is the neccessity for mobility and the ability to edit while at school(which has outdated imac models) and at home. I am looking for maximum mobility and solid battery life. So I am hoping for a 15 inch class with at least 5 hours of battery life. If this is unattainable in my price range then as close to it as possible. I guess I am asking for help because I haven't searched for a computer in almost 3 years now and have no clue what I will need beyond a quad core processor, minimum 8gb of ram, and a 1080p display. I hope that the knowledgeable minds here can point me in the right direction. 


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




      Bryan Troxell