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    Sound Help

      I have a 370 x 307 flash movie embedded on a page. I want background music to play when the user is interacting with the flash file..but if they go elsewhere on the page...say to play a movie clip that is not related to this flash file...I want the background music to stop. Can this be done...Can the flash file tell when the mouse is not over it? Any help would be great. Thanks.

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          niki tsanov Level 1
          You can make some movieclip with Width=Stage.width and height=Stage.height _alpha=0 and to make the top of everything into the flash file set RollOver and RollOut functions and use mySound.stop(); after that if you want to continue you can put mySound.start(mySound.positions/1000) or if you want to start from the begin mySound.start(0);
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            sylar47 Level 1
            I am very new to Actionscript so I need a little more structure...but I have tried the movie clip covering the whole stage...but it interferes with the buttons on the stage...what I need is the code to create some type of listener for the mouse being on the stage and if it is on the stage, play the sound...if it isn't..stop the sound...anyone able to help?