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    Which graphics card to buy? AE and PP


      Hi All,


      I started using AE and Premiere Pro (PP) recently. I record video's, edit them and make 3d stuff in AE using the ray-tracing 3d engine (like an intro 10 secs to the movie I recorded and edited in PP). When editing in AE with the ray-tracing engine on, everything is quite slow... Every effect takes a while to process and rendering a 10 sec clip takes about 40 mins (1080HD 30fps). Hence, I'm looking for a way to improve the performance without spending a ***load of money. My current setup is:


      OS: Windows 8

      Motherboard: Asrock P67 Extreme gen3

      Processory: i5-3570K

      Memory: 16GB 1600mhz DDR

      SDD 128GB

      HDD 1TB

      Graphics card: Club3D radeon HD 7870 royalking (originally bought for gaming purposes)


      I know that the pain is in the graphics card since it is not Nvidia, so I guess upgrading it should significally improve performance in AE and PP. Correct? The question is however, which graphics card should I buy? Quadro 2000, Quadro 4000 (significantly more expensive) or some GTX card (less expensive and good performance). Of course I'd prefer to spend less money and have great performance, but do these go hand in hand?


      Help is much appreciated!

      Best regards,