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    IDCS5.5 preflight reports effective res. of 250dpi on illy .eps

    DC Martin Coombes

      Hi there,


      I thought I'd post this here, as well as the Illustrator forum, because it crosses the border of both, and Im not sure what is the root of the issue.


      We are running CS5.5 here, and have an Illustrator .eps file supplied to us which is causing problems in InDesign, bringing up the 'Effective resolution' warning in the custom preflight (which we have set to 300pdi min.), and ID reports an effective resolution of 250dpi. The image is not scaled in ID – it's 100%. We get this a lot, and would like to totally stamp this out and find out what is going on here.


      The Illustrator file has no raster images in it, either embedded or linked. There are raster effects like drop shadow and inner glow.


      I opened the illy eps, selected all, and went to Effect>Document Raster Settings, and changed the resolution from 'High (300ppi)' to 'Other', and set it at 1200ppi. I also went to Edit>Transparency Flattener Presets, and made a copy of the 'High' setting, and changed the 'Gradient and Mesh' resolution to also 1200dpi. Complete overkill. I saved the .eps (and tried 'save as' .eps, ensuring again that the correct transparency setting was used).


      Have even tried maxing out all these settings (resulting .eps was over 20Mb)


      However, ID STILL reports that the effective res is 250dpi.


      Have I missed something in Illustrator, do Illustrator files cause a problem with ID preflight, or is ID Preflight not up to scratch?


      Do not want to change file to .ai, beacuse it is used in many places throughout a series of books. Any ideas?