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    PDF for review pages out of order, or how to reorder pages in a PDF for review

    gps03 Level 1

      I am attempting to use the PDF review features built into RH9, but everytime I generate the file the topics are out of order. I cannot seem to make any changes with in the project to get the topic in the correct order.


      I have the file names and topic titles numbered correctly. All topics are included in the TOC correctly. I did try deleting a topic and re-creating it, but that only moved it to the end of the list instead of being correctly placed. All topics to be included are marked Ready for review, and I am filtering on that when creating the PDF.


      This is a real problem since the reviewers cannot get past the fact that the topics are out of order to actually review the content, not to mention that it makes me look unprofessional -- not being able to provide the topics in the order specified.


      1. How does RH decide which order to put the topics in? Clearly it does not follow the TOC.

      2. How do I make sure my topics are in the correct order?

      3. How do I re-order the files in the PDF in RH is incapable of ordering the topics correctly?