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    Slow Render Time with AECS5 and Imported 3D PSD files

    richke76 Level 1



      I am working with something new in AE this week and I am curious if I am doing something wrong.  I need to insert a 3D thumb tack PSD file I imported into AE with a film I am working on.  As a test I just wanted to see what quailty the pin would render out for the final because the preview in AE looked horrible.  So I have a static shot of the Thumb tack and it is going for 10 seconds.  I started the Render and it has been going for 9 minutes so far and still shows 1hr 28 minutes left.  I've rendered 8 minutes music videos in 45 minutes on this same PC.


      Is there anything I can do to fix this?  I am using a PSD for 3D because I do not have 3D software.