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    Panning over picture in PE11

    fredowww66 Level 1

      Do someone has a link to a DETAILED description how to use the panning option (toolbar) ? It's not in the standardpdf reference

      I can work already with the zoom option (same button on toolbar) but a smooth panning over a still image is still a problem for me ...

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Here's my tutorial on Youtube. It's an excerpt from my class at http://lynda.com.


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            fredowww66 Level 1

            I want just a normal panning, from left to right. But maybe this is not possible because of the fact my images are frozen images from the video (so they are not bigger than the screensize ...)

            Nevertheless, introduction of your movie about importing pictures and putting off some unwanted options is very usefull, thanks.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Maybe rethink SG's basic principle here.


              Can we assume that you do not want any black borders creeping in as you do the left to right pan of your photo?


              Assuming your 1080p50 5.1 channel project preset....


              Import your photo (pixel dimensions needed for fine tuning of details, but...) and right click it on the Timeline and uncheck scale to frame size.


              Then, fx Effects/Presets/and one of the Horizontal Image Pan Left to Right presets dragged into your photo on the Expert workspace Timeline.


              After that, with the photo selected, you can go into Applied Effects/Applied Effects Palette/Motion Panel expanded and its Scale property (check mark next to Constrain Proportions) to scale the photo down just to the point where black borders appear in the panning and zooming. That is if you have a pan and zoom image that is zoomed in too much.


              What do you think? Will that work for you?



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                fredowww66 Level 1

                Preset Horizontal image from left to right is indeed what I wanted to use. I always forget that PE has also these presets.

                But because of the fact that my image is a still image from the movie itself I can not do a pan in this case because picture is not big enough.


                But I do know now the correct way to pan an image (with preset), thanks.

                For this case a used another preset (fly in), this makes the presentation of the image also not so static.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the news about your project.


                  Those Effects Presets for pan or zoom can be helpful at times. The only negative using these Presets is that you can apply a pan OR zoom but not pan and zoom.