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    live trace is gone!!!


      i am using c2 i know its old,

      i cant find live trace.

      i tryed everything its no where to be found.

      i have researched the problem and nothing works.

      please help!!

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          Jacob Bugge Legend



          You may have a look at the following general list of things to try.


          You may try the following (you may have tried/done some of them already) and see whether it helps (the following is a general list of things you may try when the issue is not in a specific file; 3) and 4) are specifically aimed at possibly corrupt preferences):


          1) Close down Illy and open again;

          2) Restart the computer (you may do that up to 3 times);


          3) Close down Illy and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift/Cmd+Option+Shift during startup (easy but irreversible);


          4) Move the folder with Illy closed (more tedious but also more thorough and reversible);


          5) Look through and try out the relevant among the Other options (Item 7) is a list of usual suspects among other applications that may disturb and confuse Illy);


          Even more seriously, you may:


          6) Uninstall and reinstall.

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            Mike Gondek2 Ninja

            Live trace was introduced in CS2, but cannot remember if the location has changed. Try help. See if it exist in keyboard shortcuts.

            Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 9.27.57 AM.png


            Try resetting your preferences. Shift opt cmd after restart