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    After Effects CS6 ( Win) - Mask Feather Tool Freeze

    BretKarsson Level 1

      Whenever I use my Mask Feather Tool AfterFX.exe will freeze. Sometimes manipulating the feather works like thirty seconds before freeze, other times the application will freeze almost instantly. The feature is at this point practically useless.


      I'm running a BOXX-W8920 workstation.

      Windows7 Professional x64 - SP1

      64gb RAM

      Nvidia Quadro 4000 (driver version 306.94 (yes the driver is outdated))


      I can't tell what causes this freeze to happen, besides it has something to do with the Mask Feather Tool.

      This behaviour does not occur on other workstations, but they all run After Effects on Mac so no comparison can be made there really...


      I'll update the GPU driver, but beyond that I would be happy if anyone can help me resolve this one.




      Edit: Latest GPU drivers didn't help a bit.