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    Forms central creation


      I have created and evaluation with a statement and then 6 bullets.  5 of the bullets have a rating such as 5 is Excellent, 4 is exceeds expectations, 3 is satisfactory, 2 is needs improvement and 1 is poor.  The 6th bullet is blank but what I need it to do is link to any of the other bullets.  For example - #5 Excellent would have a weight of 20% so if someone checks Excellent, the 6th box would show 20%.  If they check #4 - exceeds expectations, - that box is weighted as 16% and the 6th box would then reflect 16%, #3 would be worth 12%, #2 would be 8% and #1 would be 4%.  They can only make one selection in the rating and box number 6 would refect the % of their choice.  How do I make that happen?