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    Is InDesign the right program to create an App?

    InDesign or other program

      1.)  Is InDesign the right program?


      Hi, I´m trying to create an app which mainly consist of text, pictures and maybe videos. The goal is to substitute Word and Power Point documents by one single app to make it more interactive. So it should include Buttons that link to different pages, a navigation bar (drop-down list) etc.

      Is InDesign the right program for this? Or is Fireworks better? Or is there any other program I can use? It should be an easy program which you can use without having programming experience.


      2.) Is it possible to create an app that only I can use (and some people I like to share it with)?

      How long does it take to convert an interactive pdf to an app?


      3.) Link different documents in InDesign.


      Is it possible to create a button that links to a page on another document? I want that it isn´t possible to scroll through all pages but only those with the same content. So if you press “button 1” it links to the page with “content 1” but from there it should not be possible to go to the next page with another content but only to go back to the page where “button 1” etc. is. I think that I need different documents for this but I don´t know how to link buttons and different documents…