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    Weird Bug: Popup Window with an IP address




      I am developing an iOS app using Flash Builder 4.7, I am using an iPhone5 iOS6.1.4 to debug it.


      The werid thing is, from time to time, even if I didn't do anything, a window with a TextAre, a failed picture and two buttons keeps poping up from time to time.


      I didn't write any code for this window, and have completely no idea where does this IP address come from.


      If I click the 'OK' button, the window will go away, but it will appear again some time later.


      I tried using Flash Builder 4.7 debugging using USB cable connecting the iphone and my laptop, but I can't catch which line of code produces this error, as none of the breakpoints get hit when this window shows up even if I put a breakpoint in every function/listener.


      By the way, I used airxmail (http://flex.coltware.com/as3-flex-air/airxmail/) library in my project to send emails, and have a CameraUI in my project to take pictures. Nothing special except those two components.


      Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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