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    Cylinder animation


      I'm a newbie and hoping this group can help me.


      I want to learn how to take for example a flat item think of a photo and have it go from flat and roll up into a cylinder.  The camera view would show it happen and then the camera view would move thru the cylinder.


      Here's where I get "confused"  LOL


      I know how to make a 3D cylinder in Photoshop Entended and show the 3D tools but taking that and creating the animation in AE is where I get confused.  Again I'm a newbie really want to learn and appriciate any imput!!  Do I create in AE, Photoshop....  I'm good at Premiere so I understand timeline, keyframes, etc... so that should help I hope


      I would like to shot this going from flat to a cylinder with the split at 6 oclock.   Ok show this newbie  :-)




      Pipe cylinder sample.jpg