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    Acrobat XI Pro data to excel


      Exporting multiple rsvp responses in pdf forms to excel. However, when I receive a few more responses, I can't seem to export it to the same spreadsheet.  We expect over 150 responses so does that mean multiple spreadsheets, cut and paste into one?  I'm not a subcriber to formscentral - would that be the only way I'd be able to do this?  thanks!

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          Let me make sure I understand the question.  You are a "Free" level user and want to collect 150 responses so you'd like to export the responses to XLS spreadsheet and delete them from FormsCentral so you can collect more, and then after another set of responses come in you'd like to export those to the same XLS spreadsheet. 


          Assuming I understood correctly you would have to "merge" the spreadsheets by copying from the secondary ones back into the first. 


          Also, with a paid account you could collect all the responses and export them all at once.




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