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    Record stream with H.264 and PCMU: is it supported?

    Nicolas Dion-Bouchard Level 1

      I tried to record a stream which is published with H.264 codec and the telephony (PCMU) codec with a Flash Player 11+ client. The stream plays fine live but when I try to record it, I get the following error on the status of the stream: NetStream.Record.NoAccess. The file is created on disk but has only 21 KB, never more, never less. This is my log:


      10:21:49.550  info   Stream (record_Aaj3g/u28_T32l87h.f4v) status: NetStream.Data.Start (level: undefined, length: 0 sec.)

      10:21:49.554  info   Stream (record_Aaj3g/u28_T32l87h.f4v) status: NetStream.Publish.Start (level: status, length: 0 sec.)

      10:21:49.556  info   Stream (record_Aaj3g/u28_T32l87h.f4v) status: NetStream.Play.Reset (level: status, length: 0 sec.)

      10:21:50.107  info   Stream (record_Aaj3g/u28_T32l87h.f4v) status: NetStream.Record.Start (level: status, length: 0 sec.)

      10:21:59.962  info   Stream (record_Aaj3g/u28_T32l87h.f4v) status: NetStream.Record.NoAccess (level: status, length: 0 sec.)

      10:21:59.966  info   Stream (record_Aaj3g/u28_T32l87h.f4v) status: NetStream.Record.Stop (level: status, length: 0 sec.)


      I digged the problem a little and found that I also have an error in the Windows Event Viewer from AMSCore:

      Error from libmp4.dll:Received an audio packet of unknown type..


      I even tried to publish the stream in "record" mode instead of "live" directly from the client to see if it does the same thing. It does, I get exactly the same result.


      I searched on the web hoping to find something about the problem but without any result. The only reference I see is a table in the AMS documentation listing the supported file types and codecs but there is no mention of the PCMU/PCMA codecs. Here: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/adobemediaserver/techoverview/WS07865d390fac8e1f-4c43d6e71321e c235dd-7fff.2.3.html#WS5b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d119ed944a1a-7fe7.2.3


      In last resort, I tried to publish the file as RAW. It seems to work but I can hardly use this format since it is only usable by Flash Player I think. I cannot convert or reuse the file on another platform.


      By the way, I had the same result on FMS 3.5.3 and AMS 5.0.1


      Any idea? Is this normal or what?

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          Nicolas Dion-Bouchard Level 1

          Update: I discovered several other recordings which had 21 kb in size, also f4v but with only sound, nellymoser. I did not get any error in logs or event viewer which makes it tough to debug! What could cause such a thing? I understand that there is no data recorded in the stream file, except metadata probably. I tried to convert such a file with ffmpeg and got an error saying there is no stream data found in file.


          The method we use for publishing/recording is the following: the stream is published from the client in live mode (no record at all). On the server side, I create a new Stream and attach the publishing stream to it. Then I record the new stream. It seems to be working great in most cases but sometimes, for unknown reasons, it does not work.


          Anybody, an idea?