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    Premiere Pro CC Crashing on Startup

    Earley In Montana

      I've been lurking around the forums for about  about a month trying to resolve the issue of Premiere Pro crashing on starting up.  It worked well for about a week then the issue began occur.  When I uninstalled all of the intel and Nvidia display drivers and operated out of a basic VGA display adapter it worked, but that basically crippled After Effects, Photoshop, and Premiere can barely operate at 1/4 of its capacity.  I've updated, uninstalled, and reinstalled premiere, Display Drivers, Nividia updates, windows updates, tried several versions of compatibility mode/run as administrator and I'm starting to feel desperate.  Anyone out there got a bright idea?  As an odd side note I have Adobe premiere elements installed on this machine as well, and for some reason it has functioned fine during this process.




      OS:                      Windows 7 64-bit

      Ram:                    8 Gigs

      Processor:           Intel I-73610QM 2.30GHZ

      GPU RAM:           2 Gigs DDR5

      Current Drivers:   Intel R (HD) Graphics 4000

                                   Nvidia GeForce GT 650M


      Any Help would be extremely appreciated.