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    How do I get CF10 to traverse symlinked directories on Apache?


      Gentlepersons of Adobe.com,

      We have an application that uses symlink'ed directories in a CF webroot on Apache. This has worked fine on CF8, and CF9, but is now broken on CF 10. By broken, I mean Apache/CF do not "see" the files and 404s result.


      At the suggestion of Ben Nadel, I tried modifying /opt/coldfusion10/cfusion/runtime/conf/server.xml, adding allowLinking="true" to a Context node.

      This did not work. Link here.


      I also tried modifying my apache site config, adding a FollowSymLinks option to my directory node. This didn't work.


      I went into the CF administrator and added mappings for the symlinked directories in question. This also did not work.


      Has anyone had success or have ideas on how to configure CF10 to follow symlinks?