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    How can I prevent Adobe Acrobat from applying optimizations and compressionsserve on save/save as...


      I am generating mailpiece documents as PDF v1.4 from a document composition tool.  I am using Enfocus Pitstop v10 (v10.1.7.27 to be exact) to remove some unneeded water marks from the produced document.


      My issue is that I need to PRESERVE the original PDF structure as emitted from my composiiton tool and I'm finding that regardless how I proceed, Adobe Acrobat want to resave the PDF as v1.6 and apply a series of optimizations and compressions which alters the original PDF structure.  The reason I need to preserve the strucure of thePDF is to confirm 508 compliance for the emitted PDF documents.


      Note: I've tried various settings in Acrobat Distiller and the Adobe PD printer (thinking they are invoked somewhere inthe backgroud of Acrobat when it goes to save/save as...) but haven't experienced any progress...


      Am I chasing a rabbit here (meaning what I want is NOT possible) or am I missing something in my configuration attempts??