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    After effects - issues




      I'm working in after effects cs6. Here in the first screenshot of my composition window. Each one of the images scalle up towards the screen and then scales down back to it's orginal position. Then another one does the same.


      My issue is if you look at screenshot 2, you see the image in the top left corner is showing over the larger image. How do I move the smaller images behind the larger image?


      Thank you for any advice.


      Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 10.29.47 AM.png

      Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 10.23.13 AM.png

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          Szalam Ninja

          Are you moving them in 3d space or just scaling them up and down?


          If 3d space, then you've got something like layer styles or a 2d layer in between the layers which breaks the 3d interaction.


          If you're just scaling them up and down, you're going to have to split the layers and arrange them how you want.

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            kaidow Newcomer

            Originally scaling them up/down and you're right, the solution I used was splitting the layers ad arranging them how I wanted.


            Just so I can understand can we go back to the 3d approach.

            Before doing the solution above I thought that if I turn the layers into a 3d layer it would work moving objects back and forth on the z-axis (I think it's the z or which ever one basically brings the objects back and forth in space. I tried all axis).


            The layer controls moved, but the little image over the big one wouldn't disappear. I must me missing something somewhere.


            Does this make sense?

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              Szalam Ninja

              kaidow wrote:



              The layer controls moved, but the little image over the big one wouldn't disappear. I must me missing something somewhere.


              Does this make sense?

              Yes, you have something in your layer stack that's breaking the 3d rendering. Maybe you have an adjustment layer or something else 2D sitting between those layers. Or maybe you have a layer style applied somewhere.

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                Todd_Kopriva Legend

                Show us a screenshot of your Timeline panel, and we can more easily determine where the problem is.

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                  kaidow Newcomer

                  In this screenshot you'll see how I color coded each image that needed to be animated.

                  The first and second layers of each color is the text associated with the image.


                  The third layer is blue background so it's easy to read the image titles.


                  The fourth layer of each color also called "slideshow" is the actual image that scales up and down.


                  I only tried to converting the "slideshow" layers to 3d layers. Are you telling the first 3 layers of each colored section is breaking the rendering, because they site inbetween the 3d layers?

                  Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 3.00.48 PM.png

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                    kaidow Newcomer

                    Here's a screenshot, but it's looks a little different from when I asked my origianal question. I split the layers and arranged them to get rid of the smaller images from showing.


                    Before I did it they way you see it in the screenshot. Basically all the color coded layers which are in set's of 4 was how it looked and they streched the whole timeline. Where now they are split apart.


                    The layers titled slideshow1-8 is the moving objects



                    But if I had the 3d layers working like I wanted, then I could have skipped on adding those layers colored in gold closer to the bottom.


                    Makes sense?

                    Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 3.04.15 PM.png

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                      Mylenium Legend

                      As Szalam said in answer 1 and 3, you have something that breaks 3D rendering. without seeing the propertiers of a layer untwirled completely, nobody can say what it is. Especially layer styles are conspicuous, even if they do not produce visible results. Just the empty Layer Styles property group being there will screw up things, so just to make sure do a right-click --> Layer Styles --> Remove All.