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    Multitrack recording in audition cs6 - input hardware question


      I use audition cs6 on win 7 pro for editing and hospital radio production work.  Soon to take delivery of a Sonifex S2 desk for the main studio and have a need to be able to record two seperate stereo outputs from the desk simultaneously (for example, speech tracks and music tracks) for ease in re-editing live broadcasts.


      The desk has parallel analogue, AES/EBU and SPDIF outputs on both the main and audition busses so I could do with some advice on input hardware to give me the two stereo ASIO channels on the pc for recording by audition.  Latency isn't an issue in this case, and if the input hardware uses the digital outputs, the clock can be provided by the desk if necessary.


      This is not a scenario that would be expanded, it is a fixed studio installation so 2 x stereo line inputs are all that will be required.  I just don't know what is suitable hardware.


      Obviously cost is an issue, being a charity.


      Any advice welcomed!