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    Problems with transparency in interactive PDFs


      Hi, I am creating a 40pp document in InDesign CS6. The document is created as CMYK and will be issued as a printed piece but also there is an interactive version. For revision control purposes, I have created one document for both purposes, and have created the interactivity (internal navigation as well as hyperlinks to external URLs). The interactive buttons are on a separate layer so that layer can be suppressed when output for press.


      The printed piece exports just fine using Pass4Press settings.


      However, when I export as an interactive PDF, I find that each page seems to render differently, despite being based on the same master page items.

      I have tried everything – changing the transparency blend space from RGB to CMYK (and vice versa).


      This is causing me a real headache as my client won't accept this and I have tried pretty much everything. There is very little to adjust in the interactive PDF settings.


      The document has a photographic strip along the top of each page (master item). On top of this are coloured blocks with text in them with the name of each section. The blocks are set to "colour" mode, (except when that is the current section, when they become "normal"). This is all done on the master, yet each page renders differently despite it being the same master with no page over-rides on the items in question.


      I tried exporting back to .IDML and using the export functions of CS4 and CS5.5. This solved the transparency issue, but caused a whole range of other problems such as text reflow, shifting images and incorrectly assigned button actions/bookmarks, so the problem would seem to be the CS6 interactive PDF transparency handling. Using an earlier version of InDesign clearly isn't a solution.


      Can anyone help please?!!

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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          Are all elements: InDesign document, placed graphics, and swatches all set to the same CMYK color mode? Especially objects overlapping other objects? Can you try making an InDesign version where you set the Transparency Blend Space to RGB, and can you try placing all images and swatches as RGB? That would be preferable (though not absolutely necessary) for an interactive PDF which would be RGB flavored.

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            Bardo_Design Level 1

            Hi, and thanks for your help. That would be a bit of a faff, as I have set the whole doc up for export as a Pass4Press compliant document for professional print. However, the client also wants a navigable PDF created from the same doc. Because of the length of the document, I don't want to have two source docs, as that would be a revision control nightmare.


            However, I've been playing around with the master pages, as it is items from the masters that are being rendered inconsistently. It seems odd that one master can be rendered differently on various non-overridden pages.


            Guess what? I just tried disassociating the items from the masters (Override All Master Page Items) and tried again. Now, although I now have lost the benefit of using master pages, it does actually render properly and consistently now! Go figure. Must be one of those freaky little bugs. It would be cool if this could be fixed, but at least overriding masters seems to be a workaround.


            Hopefully, my document is approved, and I can export the final Press PDF, save the doc, Override All Master Page Items, export the interactive PDF and not save with the disassociated masters…


            Thanks for all advice and hopefully this will help someone else, or trigger one of the devs to look into this odd bug.