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    Floating Dialog bug with multiple image selection?

    Allen Gambrell Level 1

      The selectionChangeObserver fuction of the LrDialogs.presentFloatingDialog command is not being triggered in all cases.

      It does not trigger when you have mulitple images selected and switch the main focus from one of the selected image to another seleted image.


      Anyone else run into this? or is it something I am doing wrong.


      function getSelectedImage()

              LrTasks.startAsyncTask( function ()

                   local selectedPhoto = catalog:getTargetPhoto()

                   props.PhotoNew = selectedPhoto

               end )



      local result = LrDialogs.presentFloatingDialog (_PLUGIN, {


              title = "Thumbnail test",

              background_color = LrColor ("white"),

              contents = c,

              selectionChangeObserver = function(  )