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    SWF file size, how to make them smaller?

      We want to use Flex more on our site, but the SWF files are so large it is forcing us to cut back on where we can use it. For example...

      When I create a Flex application in Eclipse in Flex 3 Beta 3, the file size is 230K minimum. Just adding the Coldfusion bridge costs another 90K. So the minimum size of any useful SWF is going to be 320K. And the first app I wrote is over 400K. We have modem users that have to download the SWF, so it might take them quite a while.

      I've played around with the optimize=true flag on the compiler, it didn't have any effect. I've also gotten rid of all AS imports with an "*", only using the imports that are actually needed. I've heard that there is some way to use flash functions built into the Flash Player to streamline things but haven't seen any documentation on how to do this.

      Does anyone have any other ideas on how to reduce SWF file sizes?