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    mailto & submit


      I am working on a form with a mailto attribute & submit, reset & print button.  The reset & print buttons work perfectly on the test.  However neither the mailto or submit are working.  I have the mailto at the top of the form - after the 'hidden tag' and the buttons are at the bottom of the form -- with a couple of other <form></forms> in the body of the form.



      What might I be missing ???


      Too - how to I go a "ghosted" instruction in a field [ie: "No P.O.Box"] in the address area to where when the Student goes to enter the info they don't have to back out the "value" before entering their info.


      Lastly,  how do I code a 'required' text field ... IF the previous reply is 1 and not the other of a drop down.



      THANK YOU ... TK  Social.Eyez